We are an innovative company with excellence in delivering real estate solutions for the challenges in the business world by combining advanced technologies with complex business flows, thereby enabling you to do business in an easy and smarter way.
Propznet is specially designed for real estate agents and builders to overcome the dynamic challenges and improve their business by effective marketing and networking. The solution traits a unique data structure with powerful technologies that enable organizations to manage their properties, deals, owners, and buyers from anywhere.
Our customers now have all the information at their fingertips and feeling empowered. Real Estate sectors lack convenience in managing business information which made us think of a software like Propznet. Studies made in this sector helped us to bring purposeful character to the software which made it incomparable with the conventional method.


Multiple Platforms

Connect and access your properties and deals through web or mobile from anywhere anytime.

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Sales Signals

Provides real-time notifications across all platforms through push notifications and emails.

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Direct Messages

Instantly message your customers, property owners or leads directly from the application for faster sales.

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Stay ahead of your competition like the way you want it: quick, accessible, accurate and organized. Propznet have stunning features that will put you in control of your business’s – from anywhere, anytime.

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